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‘He will lead you in that path of righteousness’:Pastor Chris prays and anoints Prophet Uebert Angel

President of Love World and Christ Embassy Pastor Chris ministers to Prophet Uebert Angel in a church service, where he says the Lord is going to direct him in a way that he should operate his prophetic ministry.

Pastor Chris, making a reference to David’s words in the Bible,  says Prophet Uebert Angel is going to move in the same righteous way.

‘’He is all the assets you have; nothing else counts; that’s all that counts. What will you give him that he does not already have? What will you say to him that he does not already know? David said, "Thou leadest me in the path of righteousness. That is what he will do for you. To lead you in the path of righteousness for his name’s sake’’. says Pastor Chris."

The events that follow show the manifestation of power in the prayer that Pastor Chris declared to Prophet Uebert Angel, who then recently issued an urgent announcement that rapture is imminent and he will temporarily seek refuge in Nigeria, worshipping and praying with his spiritual father, Pastor Chris.

In his urgent announcement, Prophet Uebert Angel issued a heartfelt message to believers around the world. Part of his press statement reads:

‘’ The Lord gave me a crucial message: "The rapture is at hand." This profound message has stirred within me an unshakable sense of urgency that compelled me to join my father in Nigeria for earnest prayer for the saints and for my personal spiritual journey, accompanied by a team of leaders, including my dear wife, Bebe. We gathered in fervent supplication on behalf of all, not just the Spirit Embassy, because my calling is to the rest of his body as a prophet to Christianity in this last dispensation’’.

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Prophet Uebert Angel says that due to the reason that he stated in his urgent announcement that rapture is eminent, he is going to spend some time together with Pastor Chris praying.

‘’As for me, with the rapture imminent, I chose to seek refuge in Nigeria, dedicating myself to worship, prayer, and the guidance of my spiritual father, Pastor Chris, who taught me to pray for every Christian and even those not born again to come to the knowledge of Christ Jesus’’. reads part of the announcement.

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